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Dr. Seiichi Yoshimoto is among the top doctor for head and neck cancer surgery in Japan. The treatment strategy for head and neck cancer is to improve the survival rates while preserving the significant functions including speech, mastication, swallowing, and cosmetic appearance. To achieve this strategy, our department has tried to select the best treatment modality and devise new surgical procedure based on the clinico-pathological findings and our large database of the patients with head and neck cancer.

The Department of Head and Neck Surgery at National Cancer Center Hospital consists of six head and neck surgeons. Many operations are performed under general and local anesthesia with or without microsurgical reconstructive surgery. Besides radiotherapy, concurrent chemo-radiotherapy is performed with the Department of Radiation Oncology. In 2015, 403 patients with head and neck tumor underwent surgery under local or general anesthesia; 127 and 276, respectively, including 78 patients with major ablation and reconstructive surgery.

The team has been taking part in multi-institutional studies of sentinel lymph node navigation surgery for oral cavity cancer. The team is also taking part in Japanese Clinical Oncology Group (JCOG) study and a few clinical trials about immune checkpoint inhibitors.


National Cancer Centre, Japan


Procedures Performed

  • Pharyngolaryngectomy
  • Jejunum transfer
  • Surgery for hypopharyngeal cancer
  • Treatment of Ewing sarcomas
  •  Head and Neck Carcinomas

Research & Publications

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