Dr. Sajan K Hegde Spine Surgery

Consultant - Spine Surgeon , Experience: 25 Years

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    • Dr Sajan K Hegde, a Spine Surgeon with over 30 years experience in the field, is the head of the Spine Unit at Apollo.
    • He is well known for performing spine and joint surgeries using the latest technological advancements like Cervical artificial disc and minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion.
    • Dr Hegde is credited for introducing arthro-plastic reconstruction of lumbar and cervical discs in India, and for performing the Asia’s first deformity correction of infantile scoliosis using Shape Memory Alloy staples.
    • Dr Hegde initiated many key modern instrumentation systems in India including Cotrel – Dubousset, Ray cages (PLIF), Moss Miami, BAK cages and Harms Mesh Systems.
    • Dr Sajan K Hegde is a practicing Orthopedician in Chennai at Apollo Hospital. Find Dr Sajan K Hegde profile, experience, review or feedback online. Book an instant appointment online with the Dr Sajan K Hegde

Professional Memberships

    • Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA)
    • Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI)
    • Group International COTREL DUBOUSSET (GICD)
    • Spine trauma study group- USA


Apollo Hospital, Chennai


  • Spine fellowships – helping and guiding aspiring spine surgeons understand the nuances in the field.
  • Conducting workshops on spinal techniques
  • Conducting studies on spinal instrumentation
  • Researching about various developments in surgical and non-surgical spine treatments
  • Performing clinical research
  • PLIF, TLIF and global fusion techniques
  • Use of minimal Invasive techniques
  • Tackling Trauma

Procedures Performed

Research & Publications


Video of Dr. Sajan K Hegde



Renaissance Robotic Spine Surgery – Dr. Sajan K Hegde



8 year old patient undergone spine surgery in India – Dr. Sajan K Hegde


A patient’s story of how robotic surgery changed his life – Dr. Sajan K Hegde

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