Dr. Naoya Yamazaki Dermatologic Oncology

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About Doctor

Dr. Naoya Yamazaki is among the best skin cancer specialist in Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Naoya Yamazaki is associated with National Cancer Centre Hospital, Japan.


National Cancer Centre, Japan


  • Dermatologic Oncology

Procedures Performed

  • Dermatologic Oncology
  • Melanoma

Research & Publications

  1. Adjuvant Nivolumab Versus Ipilimumab in Resected Stage III or IV Melanoma
  2. Encorafenib Plus Binimetinib Versus Vemurafenib or Encorafenib in Patients With BRAF-mutant Melanoma (COLUMBUS): A Multicentre, Open-Label, Randomised Phase 3 Trial
  3. Overall Survival in Patients With BRAF-mutant Melanoma Receiving Encorafenib Plus Binimetinib Versus Vemurafenib or Encorafenib (COLUMBUS): A Multicentre, Open-Label, Randomised, Phase 3 Trial

  4. Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy for Melanoma in Japan

  5. Recurrent YAP1-MAML2 and YAP1-NUTM1 Fusions in Poroma and Porocarcinoma

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