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Liu Yunjiang, M.D., chief physician, Professor, doctoral supervisor, young and middle-aged tugong expert of Hebei Province, and leader of surgery discipline of Hebei Medical University. Vice president of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University. He also serves as the director of China Medical Education Society and vice chairman of Breast Disease Committee, standing vice chairman of Health Science Popularization Committee of China Health Management Association, and breast cancer expert committee of China Clinical Oncology Society (CSCO) BC) member of the Standing Committee, cancer plastic professional committee of China Anti Cancer Association, breast cancer Professional Committee of China Anti Cancer Association, breast cancer quality control expert committee of national cancer quality control center, breast disease prevention group of women’s insurance branch of China Preventive Medicine Association, breast surgeon Professional Committee of surgeons branch of China Medical Association, and China Medical Association Member of breast surgery group of surgery branch, President of Hebei Mathematical Medicine Society, executive chairman of Hebei cancer prevention and treatment Federation, vice president and Secretary General of Hebei cancer prevention association, executive director of Hebei clinical cancer society, vice chairman of Cancer Society of Hebei Medical Association, chairman of breast cancer Professional Committee of Hebei cancer prevention and Control Federation, and Chinese medical education He is the chairman of Hebei Branch of breast disease professional committee, vice chairman of breast cancer Professional Committee of Hebei Cancer Association, leader of breast science group of surgery branch of Hebei Medical Association, member of surgery branch of Hebei Medical Association, member of breast cancer Professional Committee of Hebei Cancer Association, vice chairman of transformation medicine professional Committee of Hebei clinical cancer association, he Honorary chairman of breast cancer prevention and Control Committee of North provincial Preventive Medicine Association, etc.

He graduated from Hebei Medical University in 1984 and worked in the surgery department of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital. In 1998, he studied in the surgery department of Nagano Red Cross Hospital in Japan. In the field of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer with high attainments. He has successively served as the deputy director and director of the general teaching and Research Office of Hebei Medical University, the director of breast disease area, etc. As the host, he won two third prizes of Hebei Provincial People’s government for scientific and technological progress (detection and clinical significance of bone marrow micrometastasis of breast cancer; specific immunotherapy of bone marrow micrometastasis of breast cancer). In addition, he has won 2 first and second prizes of excellent medicine of Hebei Medical Association and 2 scientific and technological achievements of Hebei Province. More than 100 papers have been published in national academic journals, including SCI More than 10 articles; 10 books edited and participated in; one consensus of industry experts edited and participated in; as a sub center PI, it undertook many clinical experiments in multi centers of international registration, initiated many domestic multi center clinical researches as a PI; it undertook the fund of China Anti Cancer Association, China Medical Foundation, Hebei natural fund, Hebei excellent talents fund, science and technology support topics and health The Department has dozens of scientific and technological research projects and cultivated more than 40 postgraduates. He served as the standing editorial board member and editorial board member of Clinical Surgery Journal, practical cancer journal, Chinese medical history, medical reference – breast disease channel and other magazines.


Hebei Cancer Hospital, Hebei, China


  • Breast cancer surgery

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  • Breast cancer surgery

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