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Dr Lee Kim Shang is a Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncologist at Parkway Cancer Centre.

Dr Lee graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1985. He received the Ministry of Health HMDP Fellowship to train in Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital in London from 1990 to 1992, and at the Neuro-Oncology Unit, Royal Marsden Hospital, United Kingdom in 1996. Dr Lee received his FRCR (Clinical Oncology) in 1993.

Prior to joining Parkway Pantai Hospitals (Singapore) as a senior consultant, Dr Lee was appointed as a Senior Consultant, Therapeutic Radiology Department at National Cancer Centre where he was also the Department Subspecialty Head for colorectal cancer at National Cancer Centre. During that time, Dr Lee held numerous concurrent appointments including Chairman of the Therapeutic Radiology Department Safety Committee, member of Ministry of Health Colorectal Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee and member of the Specialist Training Committee (Radiation Oncology) in the Ministry of Health. Currently, he is also a member of the Proton Beam Therapy Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health.

Apart from general oncology, Dr Lee has an interest in colorectal, central nervous, breast and paediatric cancers.


Parkway Cancer Centre, Singapore


  • Radiation Oncology

Procedures Performed

  • Breast cancer radiation
  • Lung cancer radiation
  • Head and neck cancer radiation
  • Prostate cancer radiation

Research & Publications

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