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Feng Jiangang, male, chief physician, Professor, master’s supervisor, now director of orthopaedic department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, member of sarcomas Committee of China Anti Cancer Association, member of oncology branch of Hebei Medical Association, director of Hebei anti cancer association, chairman of sarcomas Committee of Hebei anti cancer association, member of the Standing Committee of bone science branch of Hebei Medical Association, member of Hebei Doctor Association Member of the Standing Committee of the orthopaedic branch. Every year, nearly 200 cases of spinal tumor, customized joint and artificial joint complex lumbar degenerative surgery were completed. Skilled in high-level atlantoaxial, cervicothoracic and thoracolumbar metastatic tumor resection and reconstruction, intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring assisted scoliosis surgery for severe adolescent scoliosis, customized joint replacement for complex tumors, surgical treatment for severe genu varus, intraoperative radiofrequency or “combined vertebroplasty” for vertebral metastasis and other orthopedic difficult operations. In recent years, we have carried out multi-disciplinary cooperation in one-stage surgery for primary cancer and bone metastasis, minimally invasive thoracoscopic paravertebral space occupying and thoracic vertebral metastasis, 3D printing hemipelvic prosthesis replacement and other major operations. He presided over more than 50 special rounds in the Department and participated in more than 20 major consultations of difficult and critical cases among tertiary hospitals. 11 postgraduates were trained.


Hebei Cancer Hospital, Hebei, China


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  • Orthopedic Surgery

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