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Dr. Anthony Tang Poh Huat experience

  • Dr Anthony Tang is a breast cancer surgeon.
  • He has clinical interests in breast conservation surgery, breast reconstruction (oncoplasty) and sentinel node biopsy (for minimal lymph node removal).
  • An ASEAN scholar in his pre-university days, Dr Tang was awarded the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship for Medicine for his undergraduate medical education in Melbourne, Australia. He went on to complete his postgraduate surgical training and was conferred a joint specialist fellowship with the Singapore and United Kingdom (Edinburgh) boards. Apart from his surgical training, he also attained two postgraduate master’s degrees in medicine (surgery) and in public health (clinical epidemiology).
  • He has a strong research interest, particularly in the field of medical device innovation.
  • In 2011, Dr Tang was awarded the inaugural Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Fellowship. He was also the fellowship head at Singapore Stanford Biodesign, and the Clinician Consultant to I²R, A*STAR, and has trained over 400 budding medical device entrepreneurs. As the Clinical Principal Investigator, he was working with grants totaling over $4 million. As a result of his research work, Dr Tang was also conferred an assistant professorship with the National University Singapore.
  • As a published scientific author, Dr Tang is a frequent speaker at several local and international conferences. He often organises and speaks at public symposiums in Singapore as he is an avid advocate for breast cancer screening.
  • Personally, Dr Tang enjoys using his professional skills to benefit the underprivileged. He is passionately involved in surgical outreach programmes to the underprivileged parts of Asia, and was the co-founder of the surgical volunteer and charity organisation within the National University Health Systems.



Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore


  • Breast cancer
  • Benign breast diseases

Procedures Performed

  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Conservative breast surgery

Research & Publications

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