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Dr Anoop K Ganjoo brief profile

  • Dr. Anoop K Ganjoo is a practicing cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.
  • In his experience of over 25 years, Dr Roy has pioneered in many complicated procedures in cardiology and cardiac interventions.
  • He specialises in various complicated procedures including Peripheral and Coronary angiography & angioplasty, Pacemaker, ICD, CRT implantation, Radiofrequency ablation of arrhythmias, Balloon valvuloplasty, Adult ASD, VSD, PDA device closure.
  • Dr Anoop Ganjoo has done his entire medical education (MBBS, MS, MCH) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • He was on the faculty of Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS for about 8 years. For about 3 years in between, he did an advanced fellowship in cardiac surgery with Dr Dudley Johnson in Milwaukee, USA.
  • He has been with Apollo Hospital for 9 years and is involved in all kinds of routine adult cardiac & thoracic surgery.


Apollo Hospital, New Delhi


  • Adult congenital heart disease
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Echocardiography

Procedures Performed

  • CABG
  • Heart valve replacement
  • Bental surgery

Research & Publications

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