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Dr. Akihiko Suto is top breast cancer surgeon in Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Akihiko Suto is associated with National Cancer Centre Hospital, Japan.

The Department of Breast Surgery consisting of five staff surgeons specialized in breast cancer (Dr. Kinoshita, Dr. Takayama, Dr. Jimbo, Dr. Shiino, and Dr. Murata), one chief resident (Dr. Watase), and two or three rotating residents, deals with treatment of breast disease through surgeries, as well as diagnosis of breast diseases and assessment of lymph nodes in the axillary and clavicular regions which are suspected harboring metastases. In 2018 fiscal year, we performed a total of 894 operations of breast diseases (770 was primary breast cancer or breast sarcoma). The number of patients we have treated is increasing year by year, and 2018 treated patients number was the highest ever in our department. The trend of surgical procedure also has been changing in recent years. Although breast partial resection (Bp) accounted for 39% of the total surgeries in our department in 2018, and the Bp rate has been constant. On the other hand, immediate reconstruction surgeries have overwhelmingly increased in recent years. A total of 172 immediate breast reconstructions were performed in 2018 fiscal year, comprising 22% of all cases. The rate of mastectomy was 477 cases (60%), including 172 cases of immediate reconstruction. SLNB was performed in 578 (78%) patients, and many patients were spared from ALND in 2018.


National Cancer Centre, Japan


  • Breast cancer surgery

Procedures Performed

  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Mastectomy
  • Partial mastectomy
  • Radical mastectomy

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