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Iovance's Amtagvi is approved by USFDA as first T-cell therapy for a solid tumor

Iovance’s Amtagvi is approved by USFDA as first T-cell therapy for a solid tumor

Iovance Biotherapeutics' first-of-its-kind immunotherapy was approved by the FDA. This means that T-cell therapy, which has changed the way some types of blood cancer are treated, can now be used directly on solid tumors.The drug..

Free Cancer Treatment In China For Those Who Can’t Afford It

Free Cancer Treatment In China Without Breaking The Bank: A Guide For Those Who Need It Most

Free cancer treatment in China is providing hope and healing to people in need. So, if you are unable to opt for cancer treatment because of its extensive cost, this guide is specially meant for you. Find out how reputed organiz..

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T-Cell therapy for the treatment of liver cancer

Liver cancer In recent years, the incidence and mortality of liver cancer in the world have been high. Developing countries account for about 50% of new liver cancer cases every year, and the incidence rate of malignant tumors is..

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