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Latest updates on CAR T clinical trials in China

Clinical Trials Of CAR T-Cell Therapy In China Has Shown Remarkable Success

2024 has been a game-changer for CAR T-Cell therapy in China! Witness remarkable success stories from clinical trials, explore advancements, and learn about the remaining challenges. Come discover the future of this ground-breaki..

Insights into CAR T Cell therapy clinical trials in China

A Closer Look At Recent Cancer Clinical Trials In China And New Cancer Drug Approved

This article closely examines cancer clinical trials in China in the past few years, focusing on major findings and areas of progress. It also discusses newly approved cancer drugs in China, examining their mechanism of action, e..

Glioblastoma CAR T Cell therapy clinical trials
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Safety and Efficacy Study of Anti-B7-H3 CAR-T Cell Therapy for Recurrent Glioblastoma

March 2023: Study Type : Interventional (Clinical Trial)Estimated Enrollment : 30 participantsAllocation: N/AIntervention Model: Sequential AssignmentIntervention Model Description: a "3+3" design is used to determine Maximum..

Clinical trials for BALL CAR T cell therapy
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Clinical trial recruitment for BALL CAR T-Cell therapy

16th March 2023: The treatment of cancer is being revolutionized by new immunotherapeutic drugs that target the microenvironment at the tumour site. T cells with chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) are being extensively researched ..

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