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Take online cancer consultation & second opinion from top oncologists in the world.

Send your reports

Send your detailed medical history, treatment history to us along with all your medical reports.

Reports storage

All your medical reports, prescriptions are stored very safely on our online platform and you can access them anytime, anywhere online.

Evaluation & prescription

Our tumor board will provide detail evaluation of the reports along with chemotherapy & radiotherapy protocols.

Follow up & reporting

We ensure proper follow up with all our patients in order to ensure they gets best treatment and care at all times.


Dr Partha Mukhopdhayay medical oncologist

Dr Partha

Clinical Oncologist

MBBS, DNB, MD (Oncology)

Over 25 years of experience in India and abroad. Special interest in all types of solid tumors. Trained in AIIMS and PGIMR (Chandigarh).

Dr Vikas

Surgical Oncologist


Over 20 years of experience as surgical oncologist. Special interest in HIPEC. Trained in Adyar and currently in Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai.

Dr Saumen Biswas online consultation with radiation oncologist

Dr Saumen

Radiation Oncologist


Over 25 years of experience managing wide range of solid tumors. Experience working with several prestigious institutions.

Dr-Selvakumar-Naganathan-best liver transplant specialist

Dr Selvakumar

Liver, GI & Pancreatic cancer


Over 20 years of experience working in leading hospitals like Apollo. Special interest in liver, pancreatic & GI related cancers.


Dr Padma Priya

Breast & Gynec Cancers


Over 20 years of experience treating breast & gynec cancers. Currently working in MGM Hospital, Chennai.


Dr Arun

Bone & Soft Tissue Sarcoma


Over 20 years of experience managing bone & soft tissue cancers. Currently working with Apollo Hospital, Chennai.


Dr Roopesh

Brain & spinal tumors


Over 15 years of experience working in leading hospitals like Apollo. Special interest in brain & spinal tumors.


Dr Srikanth

Hematologist & Hemato-oncologist


Over 25 years of experience treating complex and recurring hematological malignancies. Currently working in Apollo cancer institute, Chennai.


Dr Shabbir

Prostate & Urological cancers


Over 20 years of experience managing urological cancers. Trained in PGIMR, Chandigarh and KEM, Mumbai.

How can I raise money for cancer treatment ?

Fill the form and our team member will get in touch with you for details on raising funds for cancer treatment in India.

Online cancer consultation free

CancerFax brings you online cancer consultation for cancer patients. Patients can benefit from free online oncology consultation by simply sending his details over here. Patient will receive the overview of the problem and current treatment details. CancerFax also helps you raise money for cancer treatment. Fill this form and our team member will get back to you.

What is cancer second opinion ?

A second opinion is a review of your diagnosis and treatment options by a third party. It entails seeking the advice of another cancer specialist or a group of specialists who specialize in your particular type of cancer. Surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiation therapists, and sub-specialist oncologists may be part of this multidisciplinary team.

Why & how to get a cancer second opinion in India?

Taking cancer second opinion in India is very easy now. Patient can connect with CancerFax and we shall bring you cancer second opinion from our renowned tumor board. Every stage of cancer has a variety of therapy choices. You want to be certain that the one you select is the best fit for you. A second opinion on cancer can help you consider various options or confirm the one you’ve previously discussed with your oncologist. You will feel more confidence after you have a complete understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options.

I understand your apprehension about seeking a second opinion for cancer treatment. It’s something we hear all the time. Patients frequently believe that their doctor will be offended if they seek a second opinion from an oncologist. However, your oncologist would appreciate the fact that you are considering all options. Don’t allow your fears keep you from getting a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis. It can bring confidence to you and your family and guarantee that you are following the optimal course of action for your treatment.

Simply fill this form and we shall get back to you with second opinion on your disease.

What do you get in cancer second opinion ?

Our consultant will go through every element of your situation and will focus on following :

  • The extent of the cancer or stage of the cancer.
  • The pathology report that describes how the cancer appears like under a microscope. If there is concern about the diagnosis, the second doctor might want to ask for some tests to be repeated to remove any doubt.
  • Your physical health. This is very important because your current overall state of health guides the type of treatments you can take. After all, the goal is to make you better not sicker with medicine that might be too intense for you.
  • Your proposed cancer treatment plan.

The remaining medical papers and test results are also thoroughly examined. The second opinion doctor can confirm your first cancer diagnosis, including the type and stage of cancer, as well as the best treatment option after evaluating all of your facts. They could also alter your diagnosis or treatment plan.

Online consultation for breast cancer

Similarly patient can also take benefit of online consultations for breast cancer. Our breast cancer specialists will review the current conditions of the patient and suggest best possible options online. Patient can take benefit of this service from the comfort of their home.

Benefits of online cancer consultation

  • Save time
  • Saves money
  • Quick access
  • No waiting period

Online cancer consultation India

Online cancer consultations have became very popular specially after pandemic. People are finding it easier to communicate with doctors thanks to technological advancements. Online doctor consultation has become a benefit for people living in both rural and urban areas. Patients can directly chat with the doctor or ask questions via video call during this online doctor consultation. People nowadays are looking for more ease, and they rely on the internet for all of their essential functions. Patient can consult with best tumor board online.

Tips for online cancer consultations

  • Choosing the right doctor : While going for online consultations it is extremely important to choose the right doctor for you disease. Patients should carefully check the profile of the doctors and what kind of disease they are specialized in and then book online consultations. Patients can check doctor specialty, experience, qualifications & degree, verifications, affiliations, security & privacy of your medical data, availability while choosing a doctor.
  • Medical records & history : Keep ready your previous medical records and treatment history so that you can utilize maximum time of yours for right advice. Also keep a list of questions ready to ask the doctor. 
  • Choosing the right specialty : You don’t consult about your heart problems with your gynecologist, do you ? I believe no. Its extremely important to choose the right specialty for the problem you are facing. If you are not confirm about it, then better to ask someone and take his help. Even in cancer there is a specialist for every type of cancer, so patient should look to choose the right specialist for his type of cancer.
  • Time : Choose a time when you are completely free of any other duties. So that you don’t have to worry about anything else and you can focus entirely on online consultation.
  • Prescription and records : Maintain all the prescriptions & records online. CancerFax online consultation platform automatically stores all your medical records and documents online. All the records and prescriptions are stored on a private server and only you have and your treating doctor have access to those records.

Frequently asked questions

A tumour board is a group of physicians, surgeons, radiation experts and other health-care professionals from various specialties who meet on a regular basis to review cancer cases and exchange information. The aim of the board is to decide the appropriate cancer treatment and care plan for each patient. It’s a lot easier to come up with a plan when you have new ideas from other doctors.

Select from the above mentioned options and send your detailed medical history and reports. Our panel will provide opinion & best treatment option.

Consultation will be based on approved global guidelines followed world over by cancer specialists. Apart from this you will also receive.

  • An introduction to the treating oncologist  / specialist (professional credentials of the doctor).
  • A synopsis of the patient’s medical history.
  • A thorough examination of previous treatment methods.
  • Our experts will review and make recommendations based on the current treatment plan.
  • Details of the treatment protocol
  • Follow up details

Doctors such as medical oncologists, Surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists & nuclear medicine experts are part of tumor board. Additional physicians, such as gynaecologists, plastic surgeons, or urologists, may be invited to participate depending on the cases being examined. A wide variety of other health-care professionals, such as nurse specialists and social workers, may also be involved.

A tumour board can include social workers and nurse navigators who can help you figure out the best way to carry out your treatment plan. For example, you might need assistance with transportation or scheduling your care.

Having everybody in the same space, with all of their diverse and advanced experience, adds a lot of new insights and skills to the care planning process.

Yes, you can login to the patient dashboard on and can communicate with the doctor anytime. Doctor will respond accordingly. You can also email your issues at mentioning your full name, MRD No. and doctor name as subject.

It usually takes around 2-3 days to get the complete opinion and all the suggestions. We will send you all the details on your registered email id.

For customized treatment plan, estimate of expenses and suggestions on best hospitals & doctors, please write email to

What our patients has to say ?

"With the help of CancerFax tumor board team members I am able to get my aplastic anemia treated properly. Their follow up during my entire treatment journey is quite excellent."
Mukhtar in BMT hospital in India
"We are thankful to the team of CancerFax for helping us during most difficult times. We were unable to travel and we have received best treatment plan from them".
CancerFax brings you second opinion, free cancer consultations and online cancer consultations with specialists from Tata memorial hospital, Apollo cancer institute Chennai, Adyar cancer hospital Chennai, and other leading cancer hospitals in India. We have started this service specially for cancer patients living in Afirca, Middle East, CIS countries and South East Asian countries as they are not able to travel due to current pandemic.

CancerFax online consultations are not a replacement for physical consultations with a doctor or hospital care. This service should not be used in the event of a medical emergency. The service provides trained physician’s professional opinions and medical advice on all types of complex, recurring and relapsed cancer cases. You adhere to our Terms of Service, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and Content Policies if you choose to use Both trademarks are owned by their respective trademark owners.

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