Cost of medical treatment in Thailand

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Check the cost of medical treatment in Thailand. Thousands of patients from nearby countries visit Thailand for medical treatment. Before visiting Thailand for medical treatment patient would like to know the overall cost of treatment he may incur for better financial planning. Given below are the list of treatment and procedures. Click on it and you will know the average of cost of treatment in Thailand. Check the cost of cancer treatment by country and cost of cancer treatment in Thailand.



A Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
Abdominal Radiotherapy Treatment
Abdominal Total Hysterectomy In Addition To Adnexes
Abdominal Perineal Resection
Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck
Acromyoclavicular  Joint Chronic  Dislocation Repair (Weaver-Dunn)
Abdominoperinial Resection
ACL Reconstruction
Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma) Treatment
Acromioclavicular Joint (AC Joint) Injury Repair
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Acute Myeloid Leukemia  (AML)
Adenocarcinoma Grandular Chemotherapy
Adenocarcinoma Grandular Radiotherapy
Adenocarcinoma Grandular Surgery
Adenocarcinoma Grandular Treatment
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Proton Therapy
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Radiotherapy
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Surgery
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Treatment
Adenoidectomy And Tube
Adhesion Surgery
Adoloscent Idiopathic Scoliosis Treatment
Adrenal Cancer Chemotherapy
Adrenal Cancer Radiotherapy
Adrenal Cancer Surgery
Adrenal Cancer Treatment
Adrenalectomy Transperitoneal (Single Side)
Adrenocortical Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Adrenocortical Carcinoma Radiation Therapy
Adrenocortical Carcinoma Surgery
Adrenocortical Carcinoma Treatment
Adult Pyeloplasty (Laparoscopic)
Advance Stage Cancer Treatment
Aicd – Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
Aids Treatment
Aids-Related Cancers
Alzhemeirs Disease
Ambiguous Genitalia Surgery
Amblyopia Treatment
Amyloidosis Chemotherapy
Amyloidosis Treatment
Anal Cancer Chemotherapy
Anal Cancer Radiotherapy
Anal Cancer Surgery
Anal Cancer Treatment
Anal Sphincteroplasty
Aneurism Coiling
Angioplasty And Stent Placement
Ankle Arthroscopy
Anterior Cervical Discectomy And Fusion Acdf
Anterior Cervical Discectomy And Graft /Mesh Placement  (Single Level)
Anterior Cervical Discectomy-By Microsurgical Technique, Single Level
Anterior Posterior Repair Colporrhaphy
Anterior Resection In Rectosigmoid Tumors
Anterior Scoliosis Correction Asc
Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Aortic Dissection Repair Surgery
Aortic Stent Grafting
Aortic Valve Replacement
Aortofemoral Bypass Surgery
Appendicitis Treatment
Aplastic Anemia
Appendix Cancer Surgery
Appendix Cancer Treatment
Arrthymyia Treatment With Ablation And Pacemaker
Arterial Aneurysms
Arterial Switch Operation
Arteriovenous Malformations
Arthroscopic Debriment Of Calcium Deposits
Arthroscopic Acromioplasty Bursectomy Included Shoulder
Arthroscopic  Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction , By Autograft And Meniscectomy, Knee
Arthroscopic Keratoprosthesis
Arthroscopic  Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction , By Autograft, Knee
Arthroscopic  Bankart Repair + Capsular Sliding  Shoulder
Arthroscopic  Joint Cartilage Debridement + Drill Or Microfracture, Knee
Arthroscopic  Joint Cartilage Debridement, Knee
Arthroscopic  Meniscectomy, Knee
Arthroscopic  Rotator Cuff Repair (Larger Than 3 Cm )+Acromioplasty + Biceps Tenodesis, Shoulder
Arthroscopic  Rotator Cuff Repair (Up To 3Cm), Debridement Included, Shoulder
Artrography Single Joint
Artificial Spine Lumbar Disc Replacement
Asd (Atrial Septal Defect) Closure
Astrocytoma Chemotherapy
Astrocytoma Radiotherapy
Astrocytoma Surgery
Astrocytoma Treatment
Astigmatism Treatment
Ataxia Telangiectasia Treatment
Atrial Fibrillation Surgery
Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor Chemotherapy
Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor Radiotherapy
Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor Surgery
Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor Treatment
Augmentation Cystoplasty
Augmentation Mestopaxy
Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI)
Av Canal Repair
Azoospermia Treatment
B Balloon Angioplasty
Balloon Mitral Valvotomy
Balloon Septostomy
Balloon Sinuplasty
Balloon Valvuloplasty Aortic
Bariatric Surgery Or Gastric By-Pass For Weight Loss
Bartholin Abscess  Excision And Drainage
Basal Cell Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Basal Cell Carcinoma Radiation Therapy
Basal Cell Carcinoma Surgery
Basal Cell Carcinoma Treatment
Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome
Benign Bone Tumor / Cyst, Extended Curettage +Graft Or Cement
Benign Bone Tumor / Cyst, Simple Curettage +Graft Or Cement+ Internal Fixation, Large  Bone
Benign Bone Tumor / Cyst, Simple Curettage +Graft Or Cement + Internal Fixation, Middle Bone
Bentall Surgery
Beta Thalassemia Major
Bile Duct Cancer Chemotherapy
Bile Duct Cancer Radiotherapy
Bile Duct Cancer Surgery
Bile Duct Cancer Treatment
Biliary Bypass Surgery
Biliary Drainage And Stenting Surgery
Biventricular Placing / Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (Crt
Bladder Cancer Chemotherapy
Bladder Cancer Radiotherapy
Bladder Cancer Surgery
Bladder Cancer Treatment
Bladder Exstrophy And Epispadias Treatment
Bladder Diverticulectomy (Laparoscopic)
Bladder Ileo-Cystoplasty (Laparoscopic)
Bladder Ileo-Cystoplasty (Open)
Bladder Instillation
‘Bladder Slings (Tot And Tvt Slings)
Blalock-Taussig (Bt) Shunt
Blepharoplasty Eye Lid Surgery
Blood Clot Brain Surgery
Body Lift Surgery
Bone Cancer Chemotherapy
Bone Cancer Radiation Therapy
Bone Cancer Surgery
Bone Cancer Treatment
Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment
Bone Marrow Transplant
Boston + Abroad Cornea + Ahmed Tube
Boston + Abroad Cornea + Ahmed Tube + Vitrectomy
Botulinum Toxin Applications To Urinary Bladder Or Sphincter
Bpd Treatment
Brachytherapy (Except Anesthesia)
Brain Avm Embolization With Onyx
Brain Radiotherapy Treatment
Brain Haemorrhage Treatment
Brain Tumor Chemotherapy
Brain Tumor Radiotherapy
Brain Tumor Treatment
Brain Tumor Surgery
Branchial Cleft Cyst Surgery
Breast Augmentation
Breast Biopsy (Surgery)
Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
Breast Cancer Immunotherapy
Breast Cancer Radiotherapy
Breast Cancer Surgery
Breast Cancer Treatment
Breast Enlargement Mammoplasty
Breast Implant Revision Surgery
Breast Lift Surgery
Breast Reconstruction With Implant
Breast Reconstruction With Muscle Skin Flap
Breast Reduction Mammoplasty
Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Bronchial Tumors Chemotherapy
Bronchial Tumors Immunotherapy
Bronchial Tumors Surgery
Bronchial Tumors Treatment
Broken Ankle Surgery
Burkitt Lymphoma  Chemotherapy
Burkitt Lymphoma Immunotherapy
Burkitt Lymphoma Treatment
Bxo Treatment / Meatoplasty / Urethrotomy
Caldwell-Luc Antrostomy / Chronic Sinusitis Treatment
Cancer Treatment
Car T Cell Therapy For Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Car T Cell Therapy For Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
Car T Cell Therapy For Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Car T Cell Therapy For Cancer Treatment
Cardiac Catheter Ablation
Cardiac Tumor Surgery
Carotid Artery Stenosis
Carotid Endarterectomy
Carpal Bone Resections
Carpal Tunnel Release (CTR) Open Or Endoscopic
Carcinoma Of Unknown Primary Radiotherapy
Carcinoma Of Unknown Primary Treatment
Castleman Disease Treatment
Cataract Surgery
Cell Therapy (T-Cell) In Cancer
Cell Therapy Nk (Natural Killer) In Cancer
Cemented Total Hip Replacement (Bilateral)
Cemented Total Hip Replacement (Unilateral)
Central Nervous System Tumor Chemotherapy
Central Nervous System Tumor Radiotherapy
Central Nervous System Tumor Surgery
Central Nervous System Tumor Treatment
Cerebral Angioplasty
Cerebral Or Brain Aneurysm Treatment
Cervical Cancer Chemotherapy
Cervical Cancer Radiotherapy
Cervical Cancer Surgery
Cervical Cacner Treatment
Cervical Corpectomy
Cervical Hemilaminectomy – Laminotomy, Single Vertebra
Cervical Spinal Intramedullary Tumor Resection  (Excluding Laminectomy)
Cervical Spine Surgery
Cervical Spondylosis
Charcot Joint Single Region Arthrodesis (Anterior Foot, Middle Or Posterior Foot)
Childhood Adrenocortical Carcinoma Treatment
Childhood Bladder Cancer Treatment
Childhood Breast Cancer Treatment
Childhood Cardiac Tumor Chemotherapy
Childhood Cardiac Tumor Surgery
Childhood Cardiac Tumor Treatment
Childhood Cns Germ Cell Tumors Chemotherapy
Childhood Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors Radiation Therapy
Childhood Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors Treatment
Childhood Cervical Cancer  Chemotherapy
Childhood Cervical Cancer Radiation Therapy
Childhood Cervical Cancer  Surgery
Childhood Cervical Cancer  Treatment
Childhood Chordoma Proton Therapy
Childhood Chordoma Radiotherapy
Childhood Chordoma Surgery
Childhood Colorectal Cancer Treatment
Childhood Esophageal Cancer Treatment
Childhood Esthesioneuroblastoma Treatment
Childhood Extracranial Germ Cell Tumors Treatment
Childhood Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumors Treatment
Childhood Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors Treatment
Childhood Intraocular Melanoma Chemotherapy
Childhood Intraocular Melanoma Radiotherapy
Childhood Intraocular Melanoma Surgery
Childhood Intraocular Melanoma Treatment
Childhood Laryngeal Tumor Chemotherapy
Childhood Laryngeal Tumor Radiation Therapy
Childhood Laryngeal Tumor Surgery
Childhood Laryngeal Tumor Treatment
Childhood Melanoma Chemotherapy
Childhood Melanoma Radiotherapy
Childhood Melanoma Surgery
Childhood Melanoma Treatment
Childhood Mesothelioma Chemotherapy
Childhood Mesothelioma Radiotherapy
Childhood Mesothelioma Surgery
Childhood Mesothelioma Treatment
Childhood Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (Men) Syndromes Treatment
Childhood Nasopharengeal Cancer Chemotherapy
Childhood Nasopharengeal Cancer Radiotherapy
Childhood Nasopharengeal Cancer Surgery
Childhood Nasopharengeal Cancer Treatment
Childhood Ovarian Cancer  Chemotherapy
Childhood Ovarian Cancer  Radiotherapy
Childhood Ovarian Cancer  Surgery
Childhood Ovarian Cancer  Treatment
 Childhood Pancreatic Cancer Chemotherapy
 Childhood Pancreatic Cancer Surgery
 Childhood Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
Childhood Pheochromocytoma And Paraganglioma Chemotherapy
Childhood Pheochromocytoma And Paraganglioma Radiotherapy
Childhood Pheochromocytoma And Paraganglioma Surgery
Childhood Pheochromocytoma And Paraganglioma Treatment
Childhood Pleuropulmonary Blastoma Chemotherapy
Childhood Pleuropulmonary Blastoma Surgery
Childhood Pleuropulmonary Blastoma Treatment
Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma Chemotherapy
Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma  Radiotherapy
Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma  Surgery
Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma  Treatment
Childhood Salivary Gland Tumor Chemotherapy
Childhood Salivary Gland Tumor Radiotherapy
Childhood Salivary Gland Tumor Surgery
Childhood Salivary Gland Tumor Treatment
Childhood Skin Cancer Radiation Chemotherapy
Childhood Skin Cancer Radiation Therapy
Childhood Skin Cancer Surgery
Childhood Skin Cancer Treatment
Childhood Gastric Cancer Chemotherapy
Childhood Gastric Cancer Radiotherapy
Childhood Gastric Cancer Surgery
Childhood Gastric Cancer Treatment
Childhood Testicular Cancer Chemotherapy
Childhood Testicular Cancer Radiotherapy
Childhood Testicular Cancer Surgery
Childhood Testicular Cancer Treatment
Childhood Thyroid Cancer Chemotherapy
Childhood Thyroid Cancer Radiotherapy
Childhood Thyroid Cancer Surgery
Childhood Thyroid Cancer Treatment
Childhood Vaginal Cancer Chemotherapy
Childhood Vaginal Cancer Radiotherapy
Childhood Vaginal Cancer Surgery
Childhood Vaginal Cancer Treatment
Childhood Vascular Tumor Chemotherapy
Childhood Vascular Tumor Radiotherapy
Childhood Vascular Tumor Surgery
Childhood Vascular Tumor Targeted Therapy
Childhood Vascular Tumor Treatment
Cholangiocarcinoma Chemotherapy
Cholangiocarcinoma Radiation Therapy
Cholangiocarcinoma Surgery
Cholangiocarcinoma Treatment
Cholestaeoma Treatment
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia  Cll
Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia  Cml
Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Chemotherapy
Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Radiotherapy
Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Treatment
Cloacal Malformation Surgery
Closed Reduction Of Dislocations, Large Joint
Closed Reduction Of Dislocations, Middle Joint
Closure Of Colostomy
Coarctation Of The Aorta (Coa) Surgery
Coblation Tonsillectomy
Cochlear Implant Placement
Cochlear Implant Placement (Med-El Synchrony)
Cochlear Implant Placement -Cochlear Ci512 – Ci522
Colon Cancer Chemotherapy
Colon Cancer Radiotherapy
Colon Cancer Surgery
Colon Cancer Targeted Therapy
Colon Cancer Treatment
Colonic Esd  (Lesions Larger Than 5 Cm)
Colonic Esd (Lesions Measuring 2,5 – 5 Cm)
Colonic Esd (Lesions Smaller Than 2,5 Cm)
Colonoscopy (Ileocolonoscopy)
Colonoscopy (Ileocolonoscopy) + Biopsy
Colorectal Cancer Chemotherapy
Colorectal Cancer Radiotherapy
Colorectal Cancer Surgery
Colorectal Cancer Treatment
Colposcopy Guided Biopsy
Completion Thyroidectomy
Comprehensive Myelopathy – Spinal Cord Surgery
Congenital Amegakaryocytosis Thrombocytopenia Treatment
Conization – Loop Excision
Convexity Tumors / Brain Tumor
Corneal Transplantation – Eye Transplant
Coronary Angioplasty
Coronary Artery Surgery
Corpus Callosotomy
Corrective Osteotomy And Fixation And Bone Graft
Craniopharyngioma Chemotherapy
Craniopharyngioma Radiation Therapy
Craniopharyngioma Surgery
Craniopharyngioma Treatment
Crohn’S Disease Treatment
Crossling (One Eye)
Crosslink (Two Eyes)
Crt- D Implant (Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy)
Cryolipolysis – Non-Surgical Fat Reduction
Cryptorchidism (Undescended Testicle) Surgery
Ct Guided Percutaneous Biopsy
Curettage And Electrodesiccation (Electrosurgery)
Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma Treatment
Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma Radiation Therapy
Cyberknife Treatment
Cystectomy, Radical+ Ileal Loop
Cystectomy, Radical+ Orthotopic Bladder
Cystoscopy And Hydrodistention Under Anesthesia
Cystoscopy And Puv Ablation Under Anesthesia
Cystourethroscopy And Urinary Bladder Biopsy
Deep Brain Stimulation (Dbs)
De Quervain, Epicondylitis Surgery And Other Enthesopathy Procedures
Decompression And Duraplasty For Chiari Malformatio
Decompression By Lumbar Laminectomy  -Single Level
Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
Denys Drash Syndrome Treatment
Dermabrasion, Independent  For Each Area
Dermoid Cyst And Epidermoid Tumor
Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK)
Developmental Hip Dysplasia Acetabuloplasty , Open Reduction And Dega, Pemberton Etc.
Developmental Hip Dysplasia Closed Reposition + Percutaneous Adductor Tenotomy
Developmental Hip Dysplasia Open Reduction (Medial)
Developmental Hip Dysplasia Periacetabular Osteotomy   (Ganz Etc.)
Developmental Hip Dysplasia Triple Osteotomy   (Steel Etc.)
Device Closure- Asd Vsd
Diagnostic Laparoscopy -Undescended Testis
Diagnostic Laparotomy
Diagnostic Ureterorenoscopy
Double Inlet Left Ventricle (DILV) Treatment
Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV) Surgery
Diamond-Blackfan Anemia
Diverting Colostomy
Drainage Of Perianal Abscess
Ductal Carcinoma In Situ  Dcis Immunotherapy
Ductal Carcinoma In Situ  Dcis Surgery
Ductal Carcinoma In Situ  Dcis Treatment
Duodenal Esd (Lesions Larger Than 5 Cm)
Duodenal Esd (Lesions Measuring 2,5 – 5 Cm)
Duodenal Esd (Lesions Smaller Than 2,5 Cm)
Duodenal Switch
Duraplasty, By Galeal Graft
E Ear Reconstruction, Multi-Staged (For Each Stage)
Early Onset Scoliosis Surgery
Eec (Ectrodactyly-Ectodermal Dysplasia Clefting) Atresia
Eecp (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) Treatment
Elbow Arthroscopy
Elbow Replacement Surgery
Electrical Cortical Stimulation
Electrodessication And Curettage
Electroincision Procedure
Elephantiasis Treatment
Embolization Of Cerebral Aneurysm
Embolization Of Intravascular Bleeding
Embryonal Tumors Chemotherapy
Embryonal Tumors Radiotherapy
Embryonal Tumors Surgery
Embryonal Tumors Treatment
Endobronchial Ultrasonography (Diagnostic)
Endobronchial Ultrasonography (For The Purpose Of Biopsy Or Foreign Body Removal)
Endolaryngeal Laser Surgery
Endometrial Ablation
Endometrial Cancer Chemotherapy
Endometrial Cancer Radiotherapy
Endometrial Cancer Surgery / Salpingoophorectomy  / Laparotomy
Endometrial Cancer Treatment
Endometriosis Surgery
Endoscopic Adenoidectomy
Endoscopic Concha Reduction
Endoscopic Decompression
Endoscopic Face Lifting
Endoscopic Forehead Lift
Endoscopic Full-Thickness Resection (Eftr)
Endoscopic Mucosal Resection
Endoscopic Nasopharynx And Paranasal Sinus Tumor  Surgery
Endoscopic Septoplasty
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy
Endoscopic Treatment In Non-Variceal Bleeding
Endoscopic Treatment Of Gastrointestinal System Varices
Endoscopic Ureterocele Incision
Endovascular Coiling
Endovenous Ablation Of Vena Saphena Magna /Parva (Rf/Laser/Steam)
Enlargement Of Veins In Scrotum – Vericocele (Vericocelectomy)
Enterostomy Closure
Entrapment Neuropathies,  Carpal, Cubital, Tarsal , Radial Tunnel By Open Joint Surgery
Enucleation (Eye Removal) With Implant
Ependymoma / Childhood Brain Cancer Chemotherapy
Ependymoma / Childhood Brain Cancer Radiotherapy
Ependymoma / Childhood Brain Cancer Surgery
Ependymoma / Childhood Brain Cancer Treatment
Epilepsy Treatment
Esophageal Cancer Chemotherapy
Esophageal Cancer Radiotherapy
Esophageal Cancer Surgery / Esophagectomy /Gastrostomy / Esophagogastrectomy
Esophageal Cancer Treatment
Esophageal Dilation
Esophageal Esd (Lesions Larger Than 5 Cm)
Esophageal Esd (Lesions Measuring 2,5 – 5 Cm)
Esophageal Esd (Lesions Smaller Than 2,5 Cm)
Esophageal Reconstrutice Surgery
Essential Thrombocytosis
Esthesioneuroblastoma (Enb) / Olfactory Neuroblastoma Chemotherapy
Esthesioneuroblastoma (Enb) / Olfactory Neuroblastoma Radiotherapy
Esthesioneuroblastoma (Enb) / Olfactory Neuroblastoma Surgery
Esthesioneuroblastoma (Enb) / Olfactory Neuroblastoma Treatment
Eswl / Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
Ethmoidectomy / Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Fess)
Eus Grading And Biopsy
Eustachian Tuboplasty
Evar Endovascular Aneurysm Repair + Pericardium Drainage
Ewing Sarcoma Chemotherapy
Ewing Sarcoma Radiotherapy
Ewing Sarcoma Surgery
Ewing Sarcoma Treatment
Excision Of Costal Graft
Excision Of Cysts/Benign Tumor, Diameter  1-5 Cm
Excision Of Cysts/Benign Tumor, Diameter Greater Than 5 Cm
Excision Of Cysts/Benign Tumor, Diameter Less Than  1 Cm
Excision Of Ear Tumor
Excision Of Hemangioma And Vascular Malformation, Large
Excision Of Pilonidal Sinus And Closure By Flap Rotation
Excision Of Thyroglossal Cyst  Or Fistula
Excision Of Wilms Tumor
Extended Byfrontal Craniotomy
Extended Neck Dissection (Neck Dissection In Addition To Retrosternal, Paratracheal Dissection) Bilateral
Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumor Chemotherapy
Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumor Radiotherapy
Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumor Surgery
Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumor Treatment
Eye Cancer Chemotherapy
Eye Cancer Immunotherapy & Targeted Therapy
Eye Cancer Radiotherapy
Eye Cancer Surgery / Enucleation
Eye Cancer Surgery / Iridectomy
Eye Cancer Surgery / Iridocyclectomy
Eye Cancer Surgery / Iridotrabeculectomy
Eye Cancer Treatment
F Facelift
Facial Nerve Decompression
Fallopian Tube Cancer Chemotherapy
Fallopian Tube Cancer Radiotherapy
Fallopian Tube Cancer Surgery
Fallopian Tube Cancer Targeted Therapy
Fallopian Tube Cancer Treatment
Fanconi Anemia
Fat Injection – Breast
Fat Injection – Face
Fat Injection Procedure
Fat Injection, For Repair Of Soft Tissue Defect
Fat Transfer And Liposculpture
Featured(Pelvis+Elbow/Shoulder) Bone Fracture
Featured(Pelvis+Elbow/Shoulder) Bone Fracture
Female Sterilization / Tubectomy / Tubal Ligation
Femoro-Femoral Crossover Bypass Graft Surgery
Femoroacetabular Impingement (Fai) Surgery
Femur Derotation Osteotomy
Fess (Ethmoidectomy), Bilateral
Fess (Ethmoidectomy), Unilateral
Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy
Fibrous Histiocytoma Of Bone Chemotherapy
Fibrous Histiocytoma Of Bone Surgery
Fibrous Histiocytoma Of Bone Treatment
Filum Terminale Resection For Low Conus
First Bone Joint Trapeziectomy Suspension Plasty And/Or Tendon Interposition (Including Graft Excision)
Flap-Eared Correction
Foot Surgery (Except Broken) (Achille Tendon, Hallux Valgus, Etc.)
Fontan Conversion Surgery
Foot And Ankle Deformity Correction
Fractionated Curettage (Endocervical And Endometrial Curettage)
Frasier Syndrome
Free Flap Surgery
Fulguration Of Posterior Uretheral Valve
G Gallbladder Cancer Chemotherapy
Gallbladder Cancer Radiotherapy
Gallbladder Cancer Surgery
Gallbladder Cancer Treatment
Gamma Knife
Gamma Knife Surgery For Avm Or Brain Tumor
Ganglion Excision, Dorsal, Open  Or Arthroscopic
Ganglion Cyst Excision / Ganglionectomy
Gastrectomy, Subtotal
Gastric Banding Surgery
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gastric Sleeve Surgery / Sleev Gastrectomy
Gastric Stomach Cancer Chemotherapy
Gastric Stomach Cancer Radiotherapy
Gastric Stomach Cancer Surgery
Gastric Stomach Cancer Treatment
Gastric Esd (Lesions Larger Than 5 Cm)
Gastric Esd (Lesions Measuring 2,5 – 5 Cm)
Gastric Esd (Lesions Smaller Than 2,5 Cm)
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Gerd Treatment
Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumor Chemotherapy
Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumor Hormone Therapy
Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumor Radiation Therapy
Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumor Surgery
Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumor Treatment
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors  Gist Targeted Therapy
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors  Gist Surgery
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors  Gist Treatment
Gender Affirmation Or Reassignment / Sex Change Surgery
Genitourinary Cancer Chemotherapy
Genitourinary Cancer Radiation Therapy
Genitourinary Cancer Surgery
Genitourinary Cancer Treatment
Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy
Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer Radiation Therapy
Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer Surgery
Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer Stem Cell Transplant
Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Germ Cell Tumor Chemotherapy
Germ Cell Tumor Radiation Therapy
Germ Cell Tumor Surgery
Germ Cell Tumor Treatment
Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
Glenn Procedure
Glial Tumors, Internal Decompression
Glial Tumors, Internal Decompression, By Microsurgery
Glioblastoma Chemotherapy
Glioblastoma Radiotherapy
Glioblastoma Surgery
Glioblastoma Treatment
Gliomas Chemotherapy
Gliomas Radiotherapy
Gliomas Surgery
Gliomas Treatment
Glossectomy , Partial
Goniotomy, Trabeculotomy
Graft Repair Of Penile Curvature
Green Light Laser Prostate Surgery
Gynecologic Reconstructive Surgery
Gynecological Tumors (Cervical, Ovary Etc) Radiotherapy Treatment
Gynecomastia Surgery
H Haemorrhoids Treatment
Hairy Cell Leukemia Biologic Therapy
Hairy Cell Leukemia Chemotherapy
Hairy Cell Leukemia Surgery (Splenectomy)
Hairy Cell Leukemia Targeted Therapy
Hairy Cell Leukemia Treatment
Hallux  Valgus, Bunion -Bunionette Excision
Hallux  Valgus, Bunion -Bunionette Excision+Soft Tissue Operations
Haploidentical Transplantation, Allogeneic (Minimum 2 Hla Antigen Incompatible Transplants)
Head And Neck Cancer  Chemotherapy
Head And Neck Cancer Reconstruction Surgery
Head And Neck Cancer Radiotherapy
Head And Neck Cancer Surgery
Head And Neck Cancer Treatment
Head-Neck Region Radiotherapy Treatment
Heart Bypass – Minimally Invasive Cabg
Heart Bypass Surgery (Cabg)
Heart Double Valve Replacement
Heart Transplant
Heart Valve Replacement
Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation, Allogeneic
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, Autologous
Hemicolectomy , Right, Laparoscopic
Hemicolectomy, Right
Heminephrectomy (Laparoscopic)
Heminephrectomy (Open)
Heminephroureterectomy (Laparoscopic)
Heminephroureterectomy (Open)
Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (Hlh)
Hepaticojejunostomy (Bismuth 3 / 4 )
Hepatitis C Treatment
Hepatocellular Liver Cancer Chemotherapy
Hepatocellular Liver Cancer Radiation Therapy
Hepatocellular Liver Cancer Surgery
Hepatocellular Liver Cancer Targeted Therapy
Hepatocellular Liver Cancer Treatment
Hiatal Hernia Surgery
High Cervical Stimulation
High Tibial Osteotomy
Hip Arthroscopy
Hip Augumentation
Hip Break (Prosthesis Or Nail)
Hip Lift
Hip Reconstruction Surgery
Hipec Surgery
Hirsutism Treatment
HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus Treatment
HLA Tissue Typing – High Resolution (Hla-A, B, C, Dr, Dq)
HLA Tissue Typing – Low Resolution (Hla-A, B, C, Dr, Dq)
Hodgkin Lymphoma Chemotherapy
Hodgkin Lymphoma Radiotherapy
Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment
Hurler Syndrome
Hydrocephalus Treatment / Ventriculostomy
Hydrocelectomy (Unilateral)
Hydronephrosis Treatment
Hypernasal Speech Treatment
Hyperopia (Farsightedness) Treatment
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) Treatment
Hypospadias Repair Surgery
Hypopharyngeal Cancer Chemotherapy
Hypopharyngeal Cancer Radiation Therapy
Hypopharyngeal Cancer Surgery
Hypopharyngeal Cancer Treatment
Hypoplastic Thumb, Muscle Transfer (Huber)
Hypospadias Repair, Distal
Hypospadias Repair, Proximal
Hysteroscopic Myoma Excision (Grade 1-2)
Hysteroscopic Myoma Excision (Grade 3)
Hysteroscopic Polyp Excision
Hysteroscopic Treatment Of Grade 1-2 Synechia
Hysteroscopic Treatment Of Grade 3-4 Synechia
I ICD Implantation
ICL Surgery
Ilel Pouch Anal Anastomosis (J Pouch)
Image-Guided Endoscopic Nasal And Sinus Surgery
Imaging Guided Sclerotherapy
Implantation Of Multi-Piece Penile Prosthesis
Implantation Of One-Piece Penile Prosthesis
Infalmmatory Bowel Disease Surgery
Inflatable Penile Implant
Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery
Inguinal Orchiectomy, Unilateral
Instrument Removal  (Up To 5 Vertebrae)
Intermediate Joint Arthrodesis
Internal Endoscopic Urethrotomy
Intervention To Larynx Polyps By Endolaryngeal Microsurgery
Internal Sphincterotomy
Internal Fixation Of Fractures (Aortic Arch Surgery)
Intracerebral Hematoma Drainage, By Burr Hole
Intracerebral Hematoma Drainage, By Craniotomy
Intracorneal Ring Transplantation (Two Rings) (Single Eye)
Intranasal Concha Electro-Cauterizarion
Intraocular (Uveal) Melanoma Chemotherapy
Intraocular (Uveal) Melanoma Radiotherapy
Intraocular (Uveal) Melanoma Surgery
Intraocular (Uveal) Melanoma Treatment
Intraorbital Tumors, By Craniotomy
Intravitreal Injection
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Immunotherapy
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Radiotherapy
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Surgery
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Treatment
Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Radiotherapy
Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Surgery
Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Treatment
Islet Cell Tumor Hormone Chemotherapy
Islet Cell Tumor Hormone Therapy
Islet Cell Tumor Radiotherapy
Islet Cell Tumor Surgery
Islet Cell Tumor Treatment
IVF Treatment
IVC Filter Insertion
IVF – 1 Cycle Own Egg And Sperm+ Icsi Including Injections
IVF With Donor Eggs
IVF- 2 Cycle Own Egg And Sperm
IVF-1 Cycle Own Egg And Sperm + Imsi Including Injections
J Jowl Liposuction General
Joubert Syndrome Treatment
Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia
K Kaposi Sarcoma Chemotherapy
Kaposi Sarcoma Radiotherapy
Kaposi Sarcoma Surgery
Kaposi Sarcoma Treatment
Keramed + Abroad Cornea
Keramed + Domestic Cornea
Keratoplasty (PK) / Corneal Transplantation
Keratoprosthesis / Cornea Replacement
Kidney / Renal Cell Adenocarcinoma Chemotherapy
Kidney / Renal Cell Adenocarcinoma Immunotherapy
Kidney / Renal Cell Adenocarcinoma Surgery
Kidney / Renal Cell Adenocarcinoma Targeted Therapy
Kidney / Renal Cell Adenocarcinoma Treatment
Kidney Transplant
Knee Replacement Surgery Unilateral
Knee Replacement Surgery Bilateral
Knock Knee Surgery
Kyphosis (Hunchback) Treatment
Krabbe Disease (GLD)
L Labiaplasty (Labia Rejuvenation)
Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Chemotherapy
Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Immunotherapy
Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Radiotherapy
Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Surgery
Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Targeted Therapy
Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Stem Cell Transplant
Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion
Laparatomy In Ileus Secondary To Intestinal Adhesions + Adhesiolysis
Laparoscopic  Cystectomy, Radical + Orthotopic Bladder
Laparoscopic  Excision Of Endometrioma
Laparoscopic  Lymphadenectomy Bilateral
Laparoscopic Pancreatic Surgery
Laparoscopic  Partial Nephrectomy
Laparoscopic  Pyeloplasty
Laparoscopic  Radical Cystectomy + Ileal Loop
Laparoscopic  Radical Nephrectomy
Laparoscopic  Radical Prostatectomy
Laparoscopic  Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection
Laparoscopic Retroperitoneum Surgery
Laparoscopic  Simple Nephrectomy
Laparoscopic Splenectomy
Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy
Laparoscopic Appendectomy, Acute
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Laparoscopic Colon Surgery
Laparoscopic Cyst Or Tumor Excision
Laparoscopic Endo, Cyst Or Salpingectomy
Laparoscopic Foregut Surgery
Laparoscopic Fundoplication
Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia Repair
Laparoscopic Metastasectomy In Liver Metastasis
Laparoscopic Myomectomy
Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication For Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Laparoscopic Pudendal Nerve Decompression
Laparoscopic Repair Of Inguinal Hernia  (Bilateral)
Laparoscopic Repair Of Inguinal Hernia  (Unilateral)
Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Mass Removal
Laparoscopic  Sacrocolpopexy
Laparoscopic Segmentectomy For Each Segment (Liver)
Laparoscopic Total Hysterectomy
Laparoscopic  Surgery For Advanced Stage Endometriosis (Stage Iv)
Laparoscopic Total Hysterectomy And Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy
Laparoscopic Transabdominal Repair Of Rectal Prolapse
Laparoscopic Transabdominal Repair Of Rectal Prolapse (Robotic)
Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Adrenalectomy (Unilateral)
Laparoscopic Tube Ligation, Single Port
Large  Bone Closed Reduction
Large  Bone Debridement +Irrigation +   Implant With Antibiotics
Large  Bone Defected Pseudoarthrosis, More Than 3 Cm (Added To The Treatment Charge)
Large  Bone Fractures, Closed Operation
Large  Bone Implant Removal (Open)
Large  Bone Osteotomy Fixation Included
Large  Bone Pseudoarthrosis
Large  Bone Pseudoarthrosis By Osteotomy
Large  Bone Pseudoarthrosis By Segment Sliding
Large  Bone, Debridement +Irrigation
Large Joint Arthrodesis
Laryngeal Cancer  Chemotherapy
Laryngeal Cancer  Immunotherapy
Laryngeal Cancer  Radiotherapy
Laryngeal Cancer  Surgery
Laryngeal Cancer  Treatment
Late Stage Cancer Treatment
Laryngeal Papillomatosis Chemotherapy
Laryngeal Papillomatosis Radiotherapy
Laryngeal Papillomatosis Surgery
Laryngeal Papillomatosis Treatment
Laryngeal Stenosis Surgery
Laryngeal Web Excision
Laryngoscopy, Direct
Laryngectomy / Pharynx Removal Surgery
Laser Assisted Hatching (Lah) Procedure
Lasek (One Eye)
Lasek (Two Eyes)
Laser Prostatectomy
Lateral Epicondyle Release (Tennis Elbow)
Lateral Retinacular Release Surgery
Lateral Tarsoraphy Local Single Eye
Leep – Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure
Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (LCPD) Treatment
Left Breast Radiotherapy Treatment
Left Hemicolectomy
Lesionectomy / Epilepsy Surgery
Leukemia Chemotherapy
Leukemia Stem Cell Transplant
Leukoplakia Excision Surgery
Levator Repair Surgery
Levator Procedures (Outpatient)
Li-Fraumeni Syndrome
Limb Lengthening
Lip Augmentation
Lip And Oral Cavity Cancer Chemotherapy
Lip And Oral Cavity Cancer Hyperthermia Therapy
Lip And Oral Cavity Cancer Radiation Therapy
Lip And Oral Cavity Cancer Surgery
Lip And Oral Cavity Cancer Treatment
Lip Lifting
Liposuction (6 Regions)
Liver Cancer Chemotherapy
Liver Cancer Radiotherapy
Liver Cancer Spheres And Radiofrequency Ablation
Liver Cancer Surgery
Liver Cancer Transarterial Chemoembolization
Liver Cancer Treatment
Liver Cirrhosis Treatment
Liver Resection
Liver Transplant
Lobectomy/Hepatectomy, Subtotal, In Living Donor
Local Aggressive Soft Tissue Tumor, Extended Resection, Deep, Extremity
Local Transanal Resection
Loop Excision-Lletz Application
Low Anterior Resection In Rectal Tumors
Lower Anterior Resection
Lower Body Lift Surgery
Lower Femoral Osteotomy
Lumbar Hemilaminectomy – Laminotomy, Partial /Total, Single Vertebra
Lumbar Microdiscectomy (Under Microscope) 2 Levels
Lumbar Microdiscectomy (Under Microscope) Each Additional Level
Lumbar Microdiscectomy (Under Microscope) -Single Level
Lumbar Posterior Dynamic Stabilization
Lumbar Posterior Instrumentation  And Graft Placement (Up To 5 Levels)
Lumbar Puncture + Intrathecal Treatment(Outpatient)
Lumbar Puncture And Spinal Fluid Sampling
Lumbar Spinal Intramedullary Tumor Resection
Lung Cancer Chemotherapy
Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
Lung Cancer Surgery
Lung Cancer Targeted Therapy
Lung Cancer Treatment
Lung Carcinoid Tumor Surgery
Lung Resection And Mediastinal Lymph Node Dissection
Lvad – Left Ventricular Assist Device
Lymphoma Chemotherapy
Lymphoma Radiotherapy
Lymphoma Treatment / Bone Marow Transplant
M Major Cranial Surgery (Vascular-Complicated Cranial Operations)
Major Reconstruction Of Thoracic Wall
Male Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
Male Breast Cancer Hormone Therapy
Male Breast Cancer Radiotherapy
Male Breast Cancer Surgery
Male Breast Cancer Targeted Therapy
Male Breast Cancer Treatment
Malignant  Bone Tumor, Extended Resection, Reconstruction With Vascularized  Autograft , Small Bone
Malignant Bone Tumor , Extended Resection, Endoprosthetic Or Alloprosthetic Reconstruction  Large  Bone
Malignant Bone Tumor, Extended Resection, Large  Bone
Malignant Bone Tumor, Extended Resection, Reconstruction With Vascularized  Autograft, Middle  Bone
Malignant Bone Tumor, Extended Resection, Vascularized  Autograft  Reconstruction  Large  Bone
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma Of Bone And Osteosarcoma Chemotherapy
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma Of Bone And Osteosarcoma Radiotherapy
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma Of Bone And Osteosarcoma Surgery
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma Of Bone And Osteosarcoma Targeted Therapy
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma Of Bone And Osteosarcoma Treatment
Malignant Mesothelioma Chemotherapy
Malignant Mesothelioma Radiotherapy
Malignant Mesothelioma Targeted Therapy
Malignant Mesothelioma Surgery / Decortication / Pnuemonectomy
Malignant Mesothelioma Treatment
Malignant Soft Tissue Tumor Resection Deep
Malignant Soft Tissue Tumor Resection, Complex (Vessel, Nerve, Bone Or Joint Involvement)
Madibulla Orthognetic Surgery
Maxilla Orthognatic Surgery
Maximal Thymectomy For Myasthenia Gravis
Mrkh Syndrome Neovagina Creation
Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (Mrkh) Syndrome (Neovagina Creation)
Medullary Thyroid Cancer Chemotherapy
Medullary Thyroid Cancer Targeted Therapy
Medullary Thyroid Cancer External Beam Radiation Therapy
Medullary Thyroid Cancer Surgery
Medullary Thyroid Cancer Treatment
Mediastinal Malignant Tumor Excision
Mediastinoscopy With Or Without Biopsy
Medulloblastoma Chemotherapy
Medulloblastoma Radiotherapy
Medulloblastoma Surgery
Medulloblastoma Treatment
Medulloblastoma And CNS Embryonal Tumors Chemotherapy
Medulloblastoma And CNS Embryonal Tumors Surgery
Medulloblastoma And CNS Embryonal Tumors Treatment
Melanoma Chemotherapy
Melanoma Immunotherapy
Melanoma Radiotherapy
Melanoma Surgery
Melanoma Treatment
Meningioma Radiotherapy
Meningioma Surgery
Meningioma Treatment
Meniscal Repair
Merkel Cell Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Merkel Cell Carcinoma Immunotherapy
Merkel Cell Carcinoma Radiotherapy
Merkel Cell Carcinoma Surgery
Merkel Cell Carcinoma Treatment
Mesothelioma Chemotherapy
Mesothelioma Radiotherapy
Mesothelioma Surgery
Mesothelioma Treatment
Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (Mld)
Metastasectomy In Liver Metastasis (For Each Metastasis)
Metastatic Squamous Neck Cancer With Occult Primary Chemotherapy
Metastatic Squamous Neck Cancer With Occult Primary Radiotherapy
Metastatic Squamous Neck Cancer With Occult Primary Surgery
Metastatic Squamous Neck Cancer With Occult Primary Treatment
Metastatic Tumor Radiotherapy Treatment – For 10 Days
Metastatic Tumor Radiotherapy Treatment – For 15 Days
Metastatic Tumor Radiotherapy Treatment – For 5 Days
Microdermabrasion / Skin Polishing
Microsurgical Tumor Removal
Microtia / Ear Reconstruction Surgery
Microvascular Decompression Mvd
Middle Bone Closed Reduction
Middle Bone Osteotomy Fixation Included
Middle Ear Infection – Otitis Media Treatment
Midline Tract Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Midline Tract Carcinoma Radiotherapy
Midline Tract Carcinoma Surgery
Midline Tract Carcinoma Treatment
Mini Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck
Mini Arm Lift / Brachioplasty
Mini – Sling For Treatment Of Stress Urinary Incontinence
Mini-Glaucoma Shunt
Minimally Invasive Hip Resurfacing
Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Minimally Invasive Supra-Orbital “Eyebrow” Craniotomy
Mitral Valve Replacement
Mls – Microscopic Laryngeal Surgery
Modified Radical Mastectomy
Mohs Surgery
Mommy Makeover
Mon Pubis Liposuction – Pubic Fat Liposuction
Monsplasty – Pubic Lift
Mosaicplasty Of The Knee
Mouth Cancer  Chemotherapy
Mouth Cancer Radiotherapy
Mouth Cancer Treatment Surgery
Mouth Cancer Treatment
Mr Guided Prostate Biopsy
Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney (Mcdk) Treatment
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes
Multiple Myeloma Chemotherapy
Multiple Myeloma Treatment
Multiple Sclerosis Chemotherapy
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
Multiple Subpial Transections Mst
Muscle Biopsy,  Any Muscle
Muscle Transposition In Incontinents Tedavisinde Muscle Transposition
Mycosis Fungoides Chemotherapy
Mycosis Fungoides Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy
Mycosis Fungoides Immunotherapy
Mycosis Fungoides Radiotherapy
Mycosis Fungoides Treatment
Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Chemotherapy
Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Immunotherapy
Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Radiotherapy
Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Surgery
Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Targeted Therapy
Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Transfusion Therapy
Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Treatment
Myomectomy (Multiple)
Myringoplasty / Ear Drum Repair
N Narcolepsy Treatment
Nasal Cavity And Paranasal Sinus Cancer Chemotherapy
Nasal Cavity And Paranasal Sinus Cancer Immunotherapy
Nasal Cavity And Paranasal Sinus Cancer Radiotherapy
Nasal Cavity And Paranasal Sinus Cancer Surgery
Nasal Cavity And Paranasal Sinus Cancer Targeted Therapy
Nasal Cavity And Paranasal Sinus Cancer Treatment
Nasal External Surgical Repair, With Graft -Flap
Nasal Reconstruction / Rhinoplasty
Nasopharyngeal Cancer Chemotherapy
Nasopharyngeal Cancer Radiotherapy
Nasopharyngeal Cancer Surgery
Nasopharyngeal Cancer Treatment
Nasopharyngeal Lesion Excision, Approach To  Infratemporal Fossa
Neck Dissection (Unilateral)
Neck Lift / Platysmaplasty
Nephron Preserving Renal Tumor Surgery
Nephropexy (Laparoscopic)
Nerve Repair, Primary, Digital Nerve
Nervus Medianus Decompression For Carpal Tunnel
Neuroblastoma Excision
Neuromuscular Monitorization
No Cement Total Hip Arthroplasty
Nipple Areola Reconstruction
Nipple Correction Surgery
Nissen Fundoplication For Gerd
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) Chemotherapy
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) Immunotherapy
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) Radiotherapy
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) Surgery
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) Targeted Therapy
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) Treatment
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Chemotherapy
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Radiotherapy
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Surgery
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Treatment
O Obesity Surgery Package (Sleeve)
Oophorectomy / Ovary Removal Surgery
Operations For Anal Fissure
Operations For Hemorrhoids
Operations For Hydrocephaly , Shunt  Operations
Operations For Stress Incontinence , Midurethral Slings (TVT, TOT, IVS, VS)
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery
Oral Cancer Chemotherapy
Oral Cancer Radiotherapy
Oral Cancer Surgery / Laryngectomy /Neck Dissection / Glossectomy
Oral Cancer Treatment
Orbital Exenteration Surgery
Orbital Tumor Surgery
Orbitozygomatic Craniotomy
Orchidopexy / Undescended (Cryptorchid) Testicle Treatment
Orchidopexy  (Unilateral)
Organ And Tumor Embolization
Oropharyngeal Cancer Chemotherapy
Oropharyngeal Cancer Radiotherapy
Oropharyngeal Cancer Surgery
Oropharyngeal Cancer Treatment
Ossiculoplasty Ear Surgery
Osteosarcoma Chemotherapy
Osteosarcoma Radiotherapy
Osteosarcoma Surgery / Bone Grafting / Wide Local Excision
Osteosarcoma Treatment
Osteochondral Autografting – Mosaicplasty Surgery
Ostomy Surgery
Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy
Ovarian Cancer Hormone Therapy
Ovarian Cancer Radiotherapy
Ovarian Cancer Surgery
Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Ovarian Cyst Removal
Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors Chemotherapy
Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors Radiotherapy
Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors Surgery
Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors Treatment
Ovarian Or Paraovarian Cyst Excision
Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Chemotherapy
Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Immunotherapy
Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Radiotherapy
Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Surgery
Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Targeted Therapy
Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Treatment
Ovarian Fallopian Tube Cancer Chemotherapy
Ovarian Fallopian Tube Cancer Immunotherapy
Ovarian Fallopian Tube Cancer Radiotherapy
Ovarian Fallopian Tube Cancer Surgery
Ovarian Fallopian Tube Cancer Targeted Therapy
Ovarian Fallopian Tube Cancer Treatment
Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Cancer Chemotherapy
Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Cancer Immunotherapy
Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Cancer Radiotherapy
Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Cancer Surgery
Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Cancer Targeted Therapy
Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Cancer Treatment
Ovarian Sex Cord Stromal Tumor
P Palmar Fasciectomy
Panchkarma Treatment In Ayurveda
Pancreatectomy, Total-With Duodenectomy
Pancreatic Cancer Chemotherapy
Pancreatic Cancer Radiotherapy
Pancreatic Cancer Surgery
Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors  Chemotherapy
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT)
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Surgery
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor Targeted Therapy
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Treatment
Papillary Thyroid Chemotherapy
Papillary Thyroid Immunotherapy
Papillary Thyroid Radiotherapy
Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Surgery
Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Treatment
Paraganglioma Chemotherapy
Paraganglioma Targeted Therapy
Paraganglioma Radiation Therapy
Paraganglioma Surgery
Paraganglioma Treatment
Parathyroid Cancer Chemotherapy
Parathyroid Cancer Radiotherapy
Parathyroid Cancer Surgery / Metastasectomy
Parathyroid Cancer Treatment
Parkinson’S Disease
Parotidectomy, Total / Parotid Gland Tumor Removal Surgery
Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (Pnh)
Partial Cystectomy + Ureteroneocystostomy (Laparoscopic)
Partial Cystectomy + Ureteroneocystostomy (Open)
Partial Cystectomy For Urachus Tumor
Partial Mastectomy
Partial Hepatectomy
Patellofemoral Replacement
Patent Ductus Arteriosus (Pda) Ligation
Pda Device Closure Surgery
Partial Nephrectomy (Robotic)
Pectoral Implant Surgery / Chest Enhancement Implants
Pediatric Hip Dysplasia Surgery
Pediatric Inguinal Hernia Repair
Pediatric Myelodysplastic Syndrome (Mds) Treatment
Pediatric Otoplasty
Pelvic Angiography
Pelvic Exenteration
Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery
Penectomy Partial
Penectomy Total
Penetrating Keratoplasty (PKP) Corneal Transplant
Penile Cancer Brachytherapy
Penile Cancer Chemotherapy
Penile Cancer Radiotherapy
Penile Cancer Surgery / Glansectomy / Penectomy
Penile Cancer Treatment
Penile Lengthening Surgery
Penile Plication
Penile Reconstruction ( In Peyronie Disease)
Percutaneous Balloon Compression (PBC)
Percutaneous Abscess Drainage
Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary Drainage (PTBD)
Percutaneous Biliary Drainage And Stent Placement For Treatment Of Jaundice
Percutaneous Biliary Stent Placement
Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy-Jejunostomy
Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
Percutaneous Nephrostomy / Kidney Urine Drainage
Percutaneous Portal Vein Embolization
Percutaneous Steriotactic Radiofrequency Rhizotomy  – Psr
Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography (Ptc)
Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty , Single Lesion
Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty , Single Lesion With Aorta-Femoro-Popliteal Arteriography
Perianal Fistulotomy/Fistulectomy
Peripheral Arterial Disease For Each Additional Stent/Catheter
Peritoneal Oocyte And Sperm Transfer (Prost)
Peroral Edoscopic Myotomy (Poem) For Achalasia
Pes Equinovarus, Complete Subtalar Release – Clubfoot Treatment
Pet CT
Phakic Iol (Bilateral)
Phakic Iol (Single Eye)
Phakoemulsification And Intraocular Lens (Gil) Placement
Phakoemulsification And Intraocular Lens (Gil) Placement (Multifocal)
Pharyngectomy / Pharynx Surgery
Pheochromocytoma Chemotherapy
Pheochromocytoma Immunotherapy & Targeted Therapy
Pheochromocytoma Radiation Therapy
Pheochromocytoma Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (Pprt)
Pheochromocytoma Surgery
Pheochromocytoma Treatment
Photorefractive Keratectomy
Pineal Region Tumors Chemotherapy
Pineal Region Tumors Radiotherapy
Pineal Region Tumors Surgery
Pineal Region Tumors Treatment
Pituitary Tumor Radiotherapy
Pituitary Tumor Surgery
Pituitary Tumor Treatment
Placement Of Artificial Urinary Sphincter  (Excuding Prosthesis )
Placement Of Intraocular Lens (Gil) With Scleral Fixation
Placement Of Supraaortic / Visceral Intravascular Stent
Placement Of Vena Cava Filter/Stent
Plaque Brachytherapy
Plasma Cell Neoplasm/Multiple Myeloma Chemotherapy
Plasma Cell Neoplasm/Multiple Myeloma Immunotherapy
Plasma Cell Neoplasm/Multiple Myeloma Radiotherapy
Plasma Cell Neoplasm/Multiple Myeloma Surgery
Plasma Cell Neoplasm/Multiple Myeloma Treatment
Pleuropulmonary Blastoma Chemotherapy
Pleuropulmonary Blastoma  Radiation Therapy
Pleuropulmonary Blastoma  Surgery
Pleuropulmonary Blastoma  Treatment
Pneumonectomy / Removal of Lung
Polycythemia Vera
Polydactyly – Extra Fingers Treatment
Polypectomy And Local Incision
Pop – Pelvic Organ Prolapse Treatment
Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Reconstruction
Posterior Urethral Valves (PUV)
Ppi-Permanent Pacemaker Implant – Double Chamber
Ppi-Permanent Pacemaker Implant – Single Chamber
Posterior Cervical (C3-C7) Fixation And Graft Placement
Posterior Cervical Laminoplasty, Single Level
Posterior Fossa Tumors
Pre-Cut Endoscopic Mucosal Resection For Rectal Endocrine Tumors
Preauricular Skin Tag Removal
Pregnancy And Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
Pregnancy And Breast Cancer Immunotherapy
Pregnancy And Breast Cancer Surgery
Pregnancy Associated Breast Cancer Treatment
Primary CNS Lymphoma  Chemotherapy
Primary CNS Lymphoma  Immunotherapy
Primary CNS Lymphoma  Radiotherapy
Primary CNS Treatment
Primary Peritoneal Cancer Chemotherapy
Primary Peritoneal Cancer Immunotherapy
Primary Peritoneal Cancer Radiotherapy
Primary Peritoneal Cancer Surgery
Primary Peritoneal Cancer Treatment
Prolapsed Disc
PRK  (One Eye)
PRK (Two Eyes)
Probe Curettage
Procedures For Injury To Biliary Tract And Benign Biliary Stenosis
Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy
Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy
Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
Prostate Cancer Surgery
Prostate Cancer Treatment
Prostate Fusion Biyopsy
Prostate Needle Biopsy (Transrectal Ultrasonography Guided)
Prostate Radiotherapy Treatment
Prostatectomy, Radical
Prostatic Adenomectomy(Laparoscopic)
Proton Therapy
Proton Therapy For Brain Cancer
Proton Therapy For Head And Neck Cancer
Proton Therapy For Spine Tumor
Proton Therapy For Pediatric Cancers
Proton Therapy For Melanoma Of The Eye
Proton Therapy For Gastrointestinal Cancer
Proton Therapy For Parkinsons Diease
Proton Therapy For Lung Cancer
Proton Therapy For Mascular Degenrations
Proton Therapy For Severe Rheumatologic Conditions
Proton Therapy For  Arteriovenous Malformations
Proton Therapy For Seizer Disorders
PTK (Single Eye)
Pubovaginal Sling For Treatment Of Stress Urinary Incontinence
Pure Red Cell Aplasia Treatment
Pte – Pulmonary Thromboendarterectomy
Pterygium Removal Surgery
Ptmc – Percutaneous Transvenous Mitral Commissurotomy
Pulmonary Atresia Surgery
Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatment
Pvp Laser Prostatectomy
Pyeloplasty (Open)
Pyloromyotomy (G-Poem)
Q Quadrantectomy
R Radial Club Hand, Pollicization
Radical Cystectomy (Robotic) And Ileal Loop Diversion
Radical Cystectomy (Robotic) And Orthotopic Diversion
Radical Hysterectomy + Including Pelvic Lymphadenectomy
Radical Mastectomy, Axillary Dissection Included
Radical Nephrectomy ,Open
Radical Or Multiple Modified Radical Mastoidectomy
Radical Prostatectomy (Robotic)
Radiofrequency Ablation
Radiofrequency Rhizotomy – Neurotomy
Radiosurgical Treatment (For 5 Days)
Rectal Cancer Chemotherapy
Rectal Cancer Immunotherapy
Rectal Cancer Radiotherapy
Rectal Cancer Surgery
Rectal Cancer Treatment
Rectal Radiotherapy Treatment For 5 Days Before Operation
Rectopaxy (Rectal Prolapse Treatment)
Rectoscopy + Biopsy
Retro-Sigmoid “Keyhole” Craniotomy
Rectosigmoidoscopy (Left Colonoscopy, Flexible Rectosigmoidoscopy)
Recurrent Cancer
Recurrent Cancer Chemotherapy
Recurrent Cancer Immunotherapy
Redo Cabg
Reduction Of Hypertrophic Tonsil By Radiofrequency
Reduction Of Nasal Fractures
Regression Or Resection Of Rectus Muscles, Bilateral
Removal Of Kidney Stones
Removal Of Silicone Oil
Renal Cell  Kidney  Cancer Chemotherapy
Renal Cell  Kidney  Cancer Immunotherapy
Renal Cell  Kidney  Cancer Radiotherapy
Renal Cell  Kidney  Cancer Surgery
Renal Cell  Kidney  Cancer Treatment
Renal Cyst Decocortication (Laparoscopic)
Renal Vein Thrombosis Treatment
Repair Of Csf Fistula
Repair Of Cystocele Or Rectocele
Repair Of Choanal Atresia
Repair Of Hypospadias – Repair Penis Opening
Repair Of Incisional Hernia
Repair Of Inguinal Hernia  (Bilateral)
Repair Of Inguinal Hernia  (Femoral, Inguinal, Obturator) Bilateral
Repair Of Inguinal Hernia  (Unilateral)
Repair Of Shoulder Rotator Cuff
Repair Of Umbilical Hernia
Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (Diagnostic Flexible Ureterorenoscopy )
Retrograde Intrarenal Surgical Lithotripsy
Retroperitoneal Cyst/Tumor Excision, Extra Renal And Extra Adrenal Gland
Retroperitoneal Lenf Node Dissection (Robotic)
Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection
Revision Of Buried Penis
Rhabdoid Tumour Chemotherapy
Rhabdoid Tumour Immunotherapy
Rhabdoid Tumour Radiotherapy
Rhabdoid Tumour Surgery
Rhabdoid Tumour Treatment
Rib Resection, Extrapleural, All Levels
Right Breast Radiotherapy Treatment
Robotic Radical Gastrectomy
Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass
Retinal Detachment Surgery
Retinoblastoma Treatment
Retinoblastoma Chemotherapy
Retinoblastoma Cryotherapy
Retinoblastoma Intra Arterial Chemotherapy
Retinoblastoma Radiotherapy
Retinoblastoma Surgery
Revision Acl Reconstruction Surgery
Revision Hip Replacement
Revision Single Knee Replacement
Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) Chemotherapy
Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) Radiotherapy
Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) Surgery
Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) Treatment
Rhinoplasty Primary
Rhinoplasty Revision
Rhinoplasty Tip
Robotic Partial Nephrectomy
Robotic Radical Nephrectomy
Ross Procedure
Rotational Atherectomy
S Sacral Neuromodulation
Sacrocolpopexy In Vaginal Prolapse
Sacroperineal Repair In Rectal Prolapse
Salivary Gland Cancer  Chemotherapy
Salivary Gland Cancer  Immunotherapy
Salivary Gland Cancer Radiotherapy
Salivary Gland Cancer Surgery
Salivary Gland Cancer Treatment
Salivary Gland Stone Removal
Salpingo Oopherectomy
Sarcoma Chemotherapy
Sarcoma Immunotherapy & Targeted Therapy
Sarcoma Radiotherapy
Sarcoma Surgery
Sarcoma Treatment
Scalp Micropigmentation
Scar Removal Treatment
Scar Revision
Schwannomas Chemotherapy
Schwannomas Immunotherapy
Schwannomas Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Schwannomas Surgery
Schwannoma Treatment
Sclerotherapy In Varices (Superficial-Simple-Single Leg Session)
Sclerotherapy – Spider Vein Treatment
Scoliosis Spine Surgery
Segmental Mastectomy In Malignant Lesions
Segmental Resection Of The Ureter
Segmental Resection Of The Renal Pelvis
Segmentectomy, For Each Segment (Liver)
Sellar Ve Parasellar Tumors, Craniotomy
Seminal Vesiculectomy, Unilateral
Seminal Vesiculectomy, Unilateral (Robotic)
Sensory Ataxia Treatment
Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection In  Diseases Of The Breast
Septic Arthritis Treatment
Septoplasty Or Smr
Seton Operation (Ahmed, Molteno, Etc. )
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (Scid, All Types)
Sézary Syndrome  Lymphoma  Chemotherapy
Sézary Syndrome  Lymphoma  Immunotherapy & Biologic Therapy
Sezary Syndrome Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy/Photopheresis (Ecp)
Sezary Syndrome Photodynamic Therapy
Sézary Syndrome  Lymphoma  Radiotherapy
Sezary Syndrome Treatment
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Shoulder Labrum Tears Surgery
Shoulder Replacement Surgery
Shunt Procedure For Syringomyelia (Syringopleural, Syringoperitoneal) -Laminectomy Excluded
Sickle Cell Anemia
Sigmoid Colectomy
Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma Immunotherapy And Targeted Therapy
Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma Radiotherapy
Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma Surgery
Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma Treatment
Silicone Buttocks
Simple Arthroscopy(Shoulder,Knee,Elbow,Ankle)
Simple Mastectomy  + Axillary Dissection
Simple Mastoidectomy
Simpson-Golabi-Behmel Syndrome
Single Bypass And Valve Replacement
Single Ventricle Defects Surgery
Skin Cancer Chemotherapy
Skin Cancer Immunotherapy
Skin Cancer Radiotherapy
Skin Cancer Surgery
Skin Cancer Treatment
Skin Electron Beam Therapy Total (TSEBT)
Skin Grafting
Skin Lymphoma Chemotherapy
Skin Lymphoma Radiotherapy
Skin Lymphoma Treatment
Skull Base Surgery
Slip Disc
Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (Scfe) Treatment
Small Bone Defected Pseudoarthrosis, More Than 1 Cm (Added To The Treatment Charge)
Small Bone Osteotomy Fixation Included,
Small Bowel Resection, Subtotal
Small Bowel Resection, Subtotal (Laparoscopic)
Small-Cell Carcinoma Treatment
Small Cell Lung Cancer
Small Cell Lung Cancer Chemotherapy
Small Cell Lung Cancer Immunotherapy
Small Cell Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
Small Cell Lung Cancer Surgery
Small Incision Cataract Surgery
Small Intestine Cancer
Small Intestine Cancer Chemotherapy
Small Intestine Cancer Immunotherapy
Small Intestine Cancer Radiotherapy
Small Intestine Cancer Surgery
Small Joint Arthrodesis
Sns – Sacral Nerve Stimulation
Socket Revision, Following Enucleation, Long Term
Soft Tissue Operations (Snapping Release) Open Tenotomy
Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Soft Tissue Sarcoma Chemotherapy
Soft Tissue Sarcoma Immunotherapy
Soft Tissue Sarcoma Radiotherapy
Soft Tissue Sarcoma Surgery
Somnoplasty Snoring Surgery – Turbinate Reduction Surgery
Sotos Syndrome
Spasticity Treatment
Sphincteroplasty In Complete Perineal Lacerations And Incomtinence
Spina Bifida Treatment
Spinal Biopsy-Ct Guided
Spinal Cord Stimulation For Pain
Spinal Dysraphism Treatment
Spinal Endoscopic Surgery
Spinal Fusion Surgery
Spinal Instrumentation
Spinal Stenosis
Spine Decompression Surgery
Spine Detethering Surgery
Spine Tumor Treatment
Spine Tumor Chemotherapy
Spine Tumor Immunothey And Targeted Therapy
Spine Tumor Radiotherapy
Spine Tumour Surgery
Spleen Removal – Splenectomy
Split Earlobe Repair Surgery
Spondylolisthesis Treatment
Sports Related Injuries
Squint Surgery
Stapedectomy Surgery
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Immunotherapy
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Radiotherapy
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Surgery
Squamous Neck Cancer With Occult Primary
Squamous Neck Cancer With Occult Primary Chemotherapy
Squamous Neck Cancer With Occult Primary Immunotherapy
Squamous Neck Cancer With Occult Primary Radiotherapy
Squamous Neck Cancer With Occult Primary Surgery
Stabilization Of C3-C7 Region + Fusion
Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy (Piles)
Stapler Anopexia By Pph In Hemorrhoid
Stent Placement For Gastrointestinal System Strictures
Stereotactic  Cranial Biopsy
Stereotactic  Deep Brain Stimulator Implantation  (Microelectrode Record Guide – Bilateral )
Stereotactic  Deep Brain Stimulator Implantation (Bilateral)
Stereotactic  Deep Brain Stimulator Implantation (Unilateral)
Stereotactic Radio Surgery
Stomach  Gastric  Cancer
Stomach  Gastric  Cancer Chemotherapy
Stomach  Gastric  Cancer Immunotherapy
Stomach Cancer Radiotherapy
Stomach Cancer Surgery
Strabismus Surgery – Eye Muscle Surgery
Stroke Treatment
Subdural Hematoma Drainage, By Burr Hole  (Bilateral)
Subdural Hematoma Drainage, By Burr Hole  (Unilateral)
Submucosal Tunneling Endoscopic Resection (Ster/Poet)
Subureteric Injection For Vesicoureteral Reflux (Sting)
Surgical Treatment Of Large  Bone Intraarticular Fracture
Surgical Treatment Of Large Bone Fragmented Fractures , Open Operation
Surgical Treatment Of Middle Bone Fractures
Surgical Treatment Of Middle Bone Fragmented Fractures
Surgical Treatment Of Small Bone Fractures  , Open Operation
Surgical Treatment Of Small Bone Fragmented Fractures
Syndactyly (Webbing) Treatment
T TAH+BSO+ Lymphadenectomy + Omentectomy
TAH (Total Abdominal Hysterectomy) And Bso (Bilateral Salpingoophorectomy)
T-Cell Lymphoma Treatment
T-Cell Lymphoma Chemotherapy
T-Cell Lymphoma Radiotherapy
TAPVC – Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection Repair Arterial Switch
Tattoo Removal By Laser
Teeth Whitening
Temple Lift
Temporal Lobectomy  (Total, Medial, Lateral)
Tendon Transfer Of Hand, By Tendon Graft
Tendon Transfers Surrounding Foot , For Each Tendon
Tenodesis, By Open Joint Surgery
Teratoid Tumour
Teratoid Tumour Chemotherapy
Teratoid Tumour Immunotherapy
Teratoid Tumor Radiotherapy
Teratoid Tumour Surgery
Tesa/ Pesa
Testicular Cancer Treatment
Testicular Cancer Chemotherapy
Testicular Cancer Immunotherapy
Testicular Cancer Radiotherapy
Testicular Cancer Surgery
Testicular Fixation
Testicular Implant
Testicular Sperm Extraction
Testicular Torsion Surgery
Testis Biopsy
Tetralogy Of Fallot Repair
Thallium Test – Nuclear Stress Test
Thecoperitonial Shunt
Therapeutic Procedures In Company With Ercp
Therapeutic Donor Insemination (Tdi)
Thigh Lift Surgery
Thigh Stretching
Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Treatment
Thoracic Disc Excision
Thoracic Posterior Instrumentation  Ve Graft  Placement -Up To 7 Levels
Thoracic Posterior Laminectomy (Irrespective Of Number)
Thoracic Spinal Intramedullary Tumor Resection ( Laminectomy Excluded)
Thoracoscopy + Biopsy
Thumb Arthroplasty
Throat Cancer Treatment
Throat Cancer  Chemotherapy
Throat Cancer  Immunotherapy
Throat Cancer Radiotherapy
Throat Cancer Surgery
Thymoma And Thymic Carcinoma
Thymoma And Thymic Carcinoma Chemotherapy
Thymoma And Thymic Carcinoma Immunotherapy
Thymoma And Thymic Carcinoma Radiotherapy
Thymoma And Thymic Carcinoma Surgery
Thyroid Cancer Treatment
Thyroid Cancer Chemotherapy
Thyroid Cancer Immunotherapy
Thyroid Cancer Radiotherapy
Thyroid Cancer Surgery
Thyroidectomy (Bilateral Total)
Thyroidectomy (Bilateral Total)+ Neck Dissection (Unilateral)
Thyroidectomy (Unilateral Total)
Tibial Tubercle Transfer For Patellofemoral Arthritis
Tip Plasty
Tooth Colored Filling – White Fillings
Tooth Reshaping And Dental Contouring
Tonsillectomy And  Adenoidectomy
Tonsillectomy And Adenoidectomy And Tube
Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (TAPVR) Treatment
Total Excision Of Benign Breast Tumors
Total Excision Of Pilonidal Sinus
Total Excision Of Pilonidal Sinus (From Intergluteal Region)
Total Hip Replacement (One Side)
Total Hip Replacement (Both Sides)
Total Joint Replacement (Prosthesis) (Knee , Hip , Shoulder)
Total Knee Prosthesis (Patella Changed)
Total Laryngopharyngectomy
Total Radical Gastrectomy Splenectomy Included
Total Septal Reconstruction By Open Rhinoplasty
Tracheobronchial Tumors  Lung Cancer
Tracheobronchial Tumors  Lung Cancer  Chemotherapy
Tracheobronchial Tumors  Lung Cancer  Immunotherapy
Tracheobronchial Tumor Radiotherapy
Tracheobronchial Tumor Surgery
Trachestomy, Planned
Transanal Local Tumor Excision
Transarterial Chemoembolization (TACE)
Transarterial Radioembolization (TARE)
Transarterial Radioembolization (Each Session) 1St Session
Transarterial Radioembolization (Each Session) 2Nd Session –  (Including Nucleer Medicine Services)
Transepithelial Crosslink (Bilateral
Transepithelial Crosslink (Single Eye)
Transitional Cell Cancer
Transitional Cell Cancer  Chemotherapy
Transitional Cell Cancer  Immunotherapy
Transitional Cell Cancer  Radiotherapy
Transitional Cell Cancer  Surgery
Transjugular Intrahepatic Porto-Systemic Shunt (TIPS)
Translabyrinthine Craniotomy
Transposition Of The Great Arteries (TGA) Surgery
Transvaginal Oocyte Retrieval (TVOR)
Transrectal Biopsy
Transsphenoidal Hypophysectomy  (Adenomectomy)
Transthoracic Ve Thoracolumbar Approach Corpectomy+Graft  Or Cage Ile Fusion+Stabilization, Single Level
Transurethral Prostate Incision (TUIP)
Transurethral Resection Prostate Surgery (TURP)
Transurethral Resection Of Bladder Tumor (TURBT)
Transurethral Ultrasonic Lithotripsy
Treatment Of Lower Concha Hypertrophy By Radiofrequency (Single Or Double)
Trigger Finger, By Open Joint Surgery
Trigger Finger, By Open Joint Surgery
Triple Arthrodesis And Internal Fixation
Tube Thoracostomy
Turp Prostate Surgery
Tur-Monopolar Resection Of The Prostate
Tur-Plasma Kinetic Resection Of The Prostate
Truncus Arteriosus Treatment
Tubal Embryo Transfer (Tet) Procedure
Tympanoplasty (Mastoidectomy And Ossicle Chain Repair Included)
U Unusual Cancers Of Childhood
Unusual Cancers Of Childhood Chemotherapy
Unusual Cancers Of Childhood Immunotherapy
Upper Endoscopy (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy)
Upper Endoscopy (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy) + Biopsy
Ureter And Renal Pelvis Cancer
Ureter And Renal Pelvis Cancer Chemotherapy
Ureter And Renal Pelvis Cancer Immunotherapy
Ureter And Renal Pelvis Cancer Radiotherapy
Ureter And Renal Pelvis Cancer Surgery
Ureteroneocystostomy (Unilateral)
Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy  (Balloon Dilation, Ureteral Catheterization And Basket Catheter Use And Etc. Included)
Ureteral Re-Implantation
Ureterocele Treatment
Urethral Bulking Injections
Urethral Stricture Surgery
Urethral Cancer Treatment
Urethral Cancer Chemotherapy
Urethral Cancer Immunotherapy
Urethral Cancer Radiotherapy
Urethral Cancer Surgery
Urethral Fistula Repair
Urinary Bladder Tumor (Tur) (< 3 Cm)
Urinary Bladder Tumor (Tur) (≥ 3 Cm)
Urinary Bladder Tumor Tur Biopsy
Urinary Tract Infection (Uti) Treatment
Urolift Procedure For Bph Treatment
Urospiral Placement, Double-J Stent
Urospiral Removal, Double-J Stent Removal
Us Guided Paracentesis Thoracentitis
Us Guided Percutaneous Breast Biopsy
Us Guided Thyroid Fnac
Uterine Cancer Treatment
Uterine Cancer Chemotherapy
Uterine Cancer Immunotherapy
Uterine Cancer Surgery
Uterine Fibroid Embolization (Ufe)
Uterine Sarcoma Treatment
Uterine Sarcoma Chemotherapy
Uterine Sarcoma Immunotherapy
Uterine Sarcoma Radiotherapy
Uterine Sarcoma Surgery
V Vaginal Cancer Treatment
Vaginal Cancer Chemotherapy
Vaginal Cancer Immunotherapy
Vaginal Cancer Radiotherapy
Vaginal Cancer Surgery
Varicocelectomy, Microsurgery
Vascular Tumors  Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Vascular Tumors  Soft Tissue Sarcoma Chemotherapy
Vascular Tumors  Soft Tissue Sarcoma Immunotherapy
Vascular Tumor Soft Tissue Sarcoma Radiotherapy
Vascular Tumor Soft Tisse Sarcoma Surgery
Vasectomy , Bilateral
Varicocele (Scrotum Varicose Veins) Treatment
Vascular Lesion Surgery
Vertebroplasty (Single Level) (Cement Or Graft )
Vertebroplasty Or Kyphoplasty (Acrylic Or By Graft ) (For Each Level)
Ventricular Septal Defect (Vsd) Treatment
Vesico-Vaginal Fistula Repair (Laparoscopic)
Vessel Repair, Direct, Hand, Finger
Vessel Repair, Direct, Lower Extremity
Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (Vats)
Videothoracoscopy, Lobectomy  ( Videothoracoscopy + Lung Resection + Mediastinal Lymph Node Dissection) Robotic
Videothoracoscopy, Wedge Resection  ( Wedge Resection + Thoracoscopy)
Vitrectomy A General Anesthesia
Vitrectomy A Local Anesthesia
Vitrectomy A Sedo-Anesthesia
Vitrectomy B General Anesthesia
Vitrectomy B Local Anesthesia
Vitrectomy B Sedo-Anesthesia
Vitrectomy, Pars Plana
Vitro-Retinal Surgery
Von Hipple Lindau Disease
VNS Implantation
VP/LP/VA Shunt Revision Surgery
Vsd Closure (Adult) Surgery
Vulvar Cancer Treatment
Vulvar Cancer Chemotherapy
Vulvar Cancer Immunotherapy
Vulvar Cancer Radiotherapy
Vulvar Cancer Surgery
W Wagr Syndrome
Wavefront Intralasik  (One Eye)
Wavefront Intralasik  (Two Eyes)
Wavefront Lasek (One Eye)
Wavefront Lasek (Two Eyes)
Wavefront Lasik  (One Eye)
Wavefront Lasik  (Two Eyes)
Wavefront Prk (One Eye)
Wavefront Prk (Two Eyes)
Wavefront Ptk (Single Eye)
Wedge Resection
Whipple Procedure – Pancreaticoduodenectomy
Wilms Tumor Surgery
Wilms Tumor
Wilms Tumor  Chemotherapy
Wilms Tumor  Radiotherapy
Wire Guided Breast Biopsy
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (Was)
Z Zenker Diverticulum – Endoscopic Septomyotomy
Z Plasty
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